About Berthold Hoffmann

After a thorough training in the handicraft techniques of metal- working and my subsequent studies at the Academy of
Fine Arts in Nuremberg, Germany in the department of Gold- and Silversmith I developed my
artistic idiom.
I offer to you handcrafted
objects of everyday culture
made of cast iron and sterling silver created in a personal
design language, which gives
my work its individual character
and thus makes it essentially different from commercially available products in the design business.
Due to the high quality of the objects, they are intended for a lifelong use.
Berthold Hoffmann
Berthold Hoffmann

my personal works:

2015 German Design Award Winner 2016,
         German Design Council, Frankfurt / Main
2013 1st Prize for Applied Arts, Zeughausmesse, Berlin
2009 Bavarian State Award, IHM, Munich
2003 Design Award of the city of Bochum, Formart, Bochum
1995 Artist in residence, city of Schwaebisch Gmuend
1995 Bavarian State Award, IHM, Munich
1989 Hessian State Award for German Crafts, Tendence,
         Frankfurt / Main
1987 Baverian State Award for young designer,
         Die Neue Sammlung, Munich

List of Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions: (Selection)

Following the successful exhibition "Handmade in Germany" in the Berlin Gallery "Direktorenhaus"      in the fall of 2012, the exhibition is now on international tour under the title
"Handmade in Germany Int. Tour 2014-2018 German luxury and high end manufacturers".
More information can be found on the website of Gallery
Direktorenhaus, Berlin.


2015 "Handmade in Germany World Tour 2014-2016", Direktorenhaus,
         Berlin, Museum of Applied Arts, Moscow, Russia
2014 "Handmade in Germany World Tour 2014-2016", Direktorenhaus,
         Berlin, St. Petri-Church, St.Petersburg, Russia
2013 "German Craft", Sofaexpo, Chicago, USA
2012 "Handmade in Germany", Direktorenhaus, Berlin
         "Wallpaper*Handmade", at Brioni Showroom, Milano, Italy
         "Atelier+Kitchen=Laboraties of the Senses", MARTa Herford
2011 "Materials Revisited", 10.Triennale, Museum for Applied Arts,
         Frankfurt / Main
         German Design Brands“, ICFF, NewYork
2010 "Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show ", Philadelphia
         Museum of Art, USA
2009 "Meister der Moderne", IHM, Munich
2005 "the language of things", Lotte Reimers-Foundation,
         Theodor-Zink-Museum, Kaiserslautern
2003 "Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2003", Cheongju Arts
         Center, Cheongju-city, South Korea (guest exhibitor)
1999 "Seoul International Metal Artists Invitational Exihibition",
         Seoul, South Korea
1996 "Beauty, Function and Art", Museum for Applied Arts, Munich
1994 -1995 "Japan Contemporary Crafts-Arts Association
         Exhibition", Tokyo, Metropolitan Museum (guest exhibitor)
1992 "Silbertriennale", Deusches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau,
         MAK, Vienna

Solo Exhibitions:
2013 "Function and Beauty, cast iron vessels of Berthold
         Hoffmann", Rheinisches Eisenkunstgussmuseum,
         Schloss Sayn, Bendorf-Sayn
2006-2008 "objects for cooking, metal-vessels by Berthold
         Hoffmann", Gallery for Applied Arts, Munich, Museum
         für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Deutsches
         Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau, Silver-Manufacture Ott-Pauser,
         Schwäbisch Gmuend, Museum Huelsmann, Bielefeld
1999 "Berthold Hoffmann - Sculture da Cucina", La Galeria,
         Milan, Italy
1998 "Berthold Hoffmann - metal-vessels", Deutsches
         Klingenmuseum, Solingen
1995 "Berthold Hoffmann - Artist in residence", Prediger,
1994 "Berthold Hoffmann - metal-vessels", Kunsthaus, Nuremberg