Products of Cast Iron and Silver

Here you will find the product range made of cast iron and sterlingsilver by Atelier Berthold Hoffmann. The range of cast iron pans, pots and roasters is significantly different by a contemporary design from the objects of industrial providers like LeCreuset,Staub etc.
The tepanyaki-grill and fondue sets offer a unique cooking experience together with your guests at the table.
Tableware made of silver is a glamorous jewelry of every board. Due to its material properties it is the ideal material for the craft manufacturing of objects of the table culture. Through the processing of silver plates with a wall strength of 1.0-1.2 mm you will get solid objects for everyday use.
Due to the elegant style of the iron work of Atelier Berthold Hoffmann, these objects are useful for stylish serving of food at the table in the restaurant business.
If you need more information about my work, or if you want to place an order, please contact me. I will answer just in time. Each order will be worked individually. I will give you information about conditions of order and time of delivery. or Tel.:+49-(0)911-563267
Here you will find the catalogue and prices of my objects.
catalogue aud price-list

Cast Iron Cook-and Tableware

runde Pfanne mit Deckel

runder Topf mit Deckel


ovaler Bräter

kleine,eckige Pfannen

grosse,eckige Pfanne

eckiger Topf mit Deckel

eckiger Bräter mit Deckel

großes Fondueset



quadratischer Tischgrill

runde Schale

Kanne mit Silbergriff und Silberdeckel

runde Schale

3 planters

Fine Silver Tableware

circular tea-set

circular tea-pot

Zuckerdose mit Löffel

rundes Sahnekännchen

eckige Teekanne

eckige Zuckerdose

eckiges Sahnekännchen

Wein+Wasserkannen mit Tablett



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